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HDD can’t handle big file: Converting FAT32 to NTFS

fat32-error-message1It is weird when you can not copy a big file to your HDD, but you are sure there are plenty of space for the file (error message shown as above). It is due to the file system!!

Years ago, Windows (prior to Windows XP) are using FAT32 for its file system.There are several disadvantage for FAT32, as you can find in the reference list below, the main problem for FAT32 is

You can’t have a file larger than 4095MB (4GB-1byte) in size!

Thus, big file like .iso, .nrg files can’t be copied.

Solution: Convert the file system to NTFS
Command: Windows has its default conversion tool: convert.exe. It is advisable to have a backup before the conversion, even the chance to lose file is minimal, it is still POSSIBLE!
On command prompt (eg. the drive need to be convert is G:)

C:\Documents and Settings\MY PC\>g:

G:\>convert g: /fs:ntfs

It will go through some “yes & no” questions for dismount the files opened in that drive. With such command, you won’t lose any files, but at the end of “yes & no” prompts, you might not allowed to convert the drive also (due to various reason).

If you can’t convert the drive on the run, last step: BACKUP & FORMAT IT.


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