Re:Remove PSW.OnlineGames.AZ… Corrupted drive autorun.inf, can’t open drive by double click

Prior to the post I posted on 22 April, there is a problem remained after virus clearance and registry correction:- corrupted autonrun.inf, where the infected drives, on My Computer, can’t be Open by double click or Open in Explorer mode by right click option.

It is due to the corrupted autorun.inf created by the virus is remain on the drive, hidden as system file.

Deletion is the simplest way to fix it. First, we need to enable the view of the file.

On My Computer, click the menu Options -> Folder Options

On View Tab -> Advanced Setting textbox, untickHide protected operation system files (Recommended)“, and click Yes for the pop up warming.

On all infected drive, delete the file autorun.inf

Since the autorun.inf(s) have been loaded into system memory upon booting, you need restart the PC to get the work done!

Of course, after the reboot, don’t forget to tick backHide protected operation system files (Recommended)” checkbox on Options menu -> Options -> Advanced Setting textbox. You won’t want to see a lot of annoying system files floating around your folders and taking the risk of deleting them accidentally in the future, these consequences may worth re-installing the OS and all applications!!


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